My son did a project on WWII (which you can see at his site) and some of the weird weapons that were developed. The pigeon guided missile was an air to surface missile for sinking enemy ships. It worked remarkably well with a pigeon piloting the missile all the way by pecking on the image of the target ship in order to keep the missile on target.

To supplement his project I wrote this online Pigeon Guided Missile Simulator so he (and you) can see what it was like to be a WWII pigeon missile pilot!


Assumptions and Settings

I made a number of assumptions about the telemetry of the missile, target ship, etc. and the simulator is based upon the following assumptions and settings:

Target Ship

This is actually the USS Washington (BB-56), 1941 Battleship
400′ or 120 m
10 knots or 5 m/s


160 mph or 70 m/s
Release height
1,000′ or 300 m
Initial distance to target
6,500′ or 2 km
Glide angle
Flight time
28 s
Max. turn rate
Screen viewing angle

You are welcome to embed my simulator in your website, just include an acknowledgement link back to and insert the code below into your page:

<iframe width="510" height="560" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>