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What Time?

What time? I put this together the other day to help my son learn to tell the time better.

Basically you’re given a time question either in words or as a digital time and you have to set the analog clock correctly by dragging the hands.

What time? What time? There are 2 games – a simple story game of set questions and a quiz game of random questions which gets harder as you progress. The quiz game has 3 progressive levels of difficulty and lasts for 40 questions.

If you need help you can press and hold the ‘hint’ button, but it will cost you a few points!.

To drag the clock hands, use the stylus and touch near the centre of the clock to grab the short hand or touch near the edge of the clock to grab the long hand.

Since this is an educational game I have allowed for a reasonable amount of error in the answer. The minute hand can be off by around 2.5 minutes either way.

However, I have noticed that a common mistake children make is to put the hour hand a whole hour out. I considered, therefore, it not appropriate to implement a simple +/- error mechanism for the hour hand. Instead the hour hand must lie anywhere within the correct hour graduation (actually there is also a slight bit of extra leeway on this too).

When you submit your answer and it’s correct the clock will also show the hint hands showing exactly the right hand placement.



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