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viDSnips 3 for libNDS

viDSnips 3 has had all dependencies on PALib removed and now is purely a libNDS based library that can be used for any DS homebrew project. (For PALib based projects see viDSnips 2 for PALib.)

Improvements include:

  • no external dependencies so will build with the latest updates of devKitPro & libNDS
  • better frame rates with far fewer dropped frames

However, with the loss of the PALib MP3 support, there are audio issues:

  • audio quality is reduced for comparable .vDS file sizes (as compared to version 2)
  • audio is no longer streamed so audio size is a serious consideration
  • audio reproduction on emulators is much poorer than the real device

Improving the audio for viDSnips 3 is an area of further development.

Note also that version 2 .vDS files will not work with viDSnips 3.



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