viDSnips 2 for PALib

Due to popular demand I have made a viDSnips library available for use within DSGM and PALib based projects.

viDSnips is a basic media player for the NDS intended for showing short video clips within games. This library uses viDSnips 2 that has a number of significant improvements over the initial player. The choppy sound issue has been sorted out with crisp audio reproduction in version 2. The video playback is also improved and more robust and the .vDS media file format has also been improved allowing much smaller media files. I have also made the video converter tools much more manageable.

BUT (and there is always a 'but') if you are a DSGM developer then beware and take note: DSGM does not allow the inclusion of libraries (such as viDSnips) into DSGM projects. Actually James was supposed to be providing this very support but it would appear he has pretty much abandoned DSGM and is focused on other things. So, to use this (or any) library with a DSGM project you will need to stop using DSGM at some point within your project development and get your hands a little dirty with the actual project files and sources.

So, if you:

  • only want to use the DSGM environment, or
  • you don't know how to get your actual project sources from DSGM and build them from the command line, or
  • you don't know what a Makefile is, or don't know any C,
  • etc., etc.

then FORGET USING viDSnips. (I will provide support for viDSnips but this support does not extend to teaching basic development knowledge.)

On the other hand, if you:

  • are happy with C,
  • are happy with working with the project files,
  • have a reasonable understanding of the build process,
  • etc.

then download the viDSnips .RAR and go through the usage notes and demo source.

It really is pretty simple if you have a good idea about what's going on. Below is a simple demo application showing viDSnips 2 in action; plus the viDSnips .RAR that includes:

  • the viDSnips library files
  • the DSGM project and sources for the demo application
  • notes on integrating the library in your project
  • the converter for making .vDS files

Have fun.

Update: For non-PALib based projects see viDSnips 3 for libNDS.



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