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Spelling Bubbles

Spelling Bubbles Spelling Bubbles Kids love bubbles. They love watching them, chasing them, catching them and popping them. What better way for a child to improve their spelling than by popping bubbles to spell out words.

This was my first DS game. I wrote it for my 6 year old son to help him learn and practice his weekly spellings for school.

Using the on-screen keyboard you first setup a list of words (up to 12 words, each word can be up to 8 letters long). The game starts with bubbles of random letters being blown which then float about and eventually are lost off the screen. Spelling Bubbles You must pop the correct letters in the correct order to spell the words. The current target word / letter is shown along the bottom.

The final score is based upon the proportion of wrongly popped bubbles. I also weighted the probability of the next needed letter being blown so that you will not have to wait too long on any letter.



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