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Edit GS Page Dates Plugin

GetSimple pages have a publish date (pubDate) that is updated every time the page is saved. If you use the i18n_specialpages plugin you also have a creation date (creDate) for every page. I wanted to be able to easily view and manage these two dates on my pages so I wrote this small plugin. Actually, it is a fork of the GetSimple PubDateFix plugin written by Carlos which did not quite do what I wanted.

The plugin gives you two extra fields on the edit page options:

  • Creation Date
  • Publish Date

You can edit/enter new dates in either or both fields. If you do not enter a publish date then it will default to now, as per the usual behaviour.

Publish date is the standard GetSimple date and can be accessed by the usual functions: get_page_date($format, $echo); or even getPageField($page, 'pubDate'); or returnPageField($page, 'pubDate');

The Creation date can be accessed by the functions: get_page_create_date($format, $echo); and return_page_create_date($format);. Also the usual GetSimple access functions can also be used: getPageField($page, 'creDate'); and returnPageField($page, 'creDate');

Change Log

  • 1.0 Initial release
The date format defaults to 'Y-m-d H:i' but this can be changed by adding a CREDATEFORMAT entry to gsconfig.php, for example:
define('CREDATEFORMAT','Y-m-d H:i'); // ==> 2015-12-31 23:59



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