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DSGM About Plugin

About Plugin I wanted to add a simple information page to my DSGM projects and so I wrote this reusable plugin. Run the example app and press the button to enter the about screen.

There are 4 text styles and colours are configurable. The screen can be scrolled either using the arrows or by dragging the scroll bar. When you exit you return back to the room you were in before.

If you want to use this in your project then just include the AboutPlugin.h file into your DSGM 5 project (from the Tools > Project Settings menu). There are a couple of crude Actions that you can use or just call the plugin from C Script, the API is very simple:

Set_About_Text(textType, text);
Set_About_Colour(textType, Red, Green, Blue);

Where textType is:

  • AboutHeader
  • AboutSubHeader
  • AboutBody
  • AboutNotice

If you like it and want to use it then please contact me to register it (this will remove the top screen message and allow you to use your own backgrounds). Also let me know if it’s useful and I might write a few more plugins…



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